Skin Deep: race and culture

Skin Deep makes space for Black creatives and creatives of colour to work towards justice through cultural production.

Skin Deep
Brand refinement + application
UX / UI Design

The team had outgrown their online space, and sought something more active and alive that reflects the incredible work of their contributors. We looked to the print magazine for inspiration, drawing on dynamic art direction, beautiful photography and bold colour palettes derived from imagery. Storytelling remains at the heart, with a reworked site structure based on categories to aid content exploration. The new site is light, fast, and we were also really happy to bring trainee developer Nafisa onboard for her first commercial project.

The end result is a Wordpress powered website built using Gatsby.js, combining the flexibility and content editing functionality of the CMS with the incredibly fast performance of Gatsby. The site functions incredibly fast with nearly unnoticable load times. We were able to used their existing Wordpress content and migrate it over the the updated version meaning that nothing was lost in the transition.